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A cloud service that eliminates bus-bunching by coördinating your fleet

Bus intelligence, delivered from the cloud

BusGenius does more than just track buses — it controls them. BusGenius recognizes when a bus reaches a layover point; it then computes the optimal layover time to keep buses equally spaced in time, and it signals to the driver when to resume travel. No more bunching!

Better for passengers, simpler for you

A schedule is just an aspiration and quickly falls apart under the stress of traffic. BusGenius abandons the idea of a schedule to focus on keeping buses equally spaced, so there is no need to manage schedules. Furthermore, BusGenius will quickly adjust the spacing to account for any changes in the route, number of buses, or current traffic or ridership — and without intervention by management!

Easy to use, easy to try

BusGenius is flexible: We can work with you or with your preferred technical resource. We can provide a complete set of software tools, including location-triggered events, messaging, reports, and analytics; or you can use our friendly API to pull just what you need from BusGenius into your current system. We play well with others!

Read our case study to learn how one client saves $1,200 per day.

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