Privacy and security

Privacy and security

BusGenius is implemented on a commercial cloud service, Heroku, a subsidiary of Salesforce Inc., that runs atop Amazon Web Services. Heroku provides state of the art security and privacy, details of which may be found here.


BusGenius needs only data that is in the public domain, such as descriptions of bus routes. We see no personal data unless a customer chooses to identify their bus drivers by name. Nevertheless, BusGenius does not share data with anyone unless specifically authorized by a customer. Furthermore, all data is encrypted, password-protected, and stored within the United States.

For additional protection BusGenius provides fine-grained permissions by which each authorized user can be restricted in what they can see or edit.


All communication is encrypted.

BusGenius servers reject communication from all but authorized users, which are each identified by a unique authorization token.


BusGenius is built on a web application framework that has built-in protection against many security threats.

Each new deployment is programmatically scanned for vulnerabilities.

All software components are reviewed weekly for bug reports and updated as soon as patches are available.

The performance of our software is monitored and logged continually. Alerts are automatically generated should any problem arise.


The Heroku cloud platform, on which BusGenius is hosted, guarantees 99.999 percent uptime, with even higher levels of service available (at higher cost).

Account Deletion

If you need to delete your busgenius account, please contact us at with the username of the account to be deleted.